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Quick Facts

Abortion pills are two types of medicines. In countries where abortion is banned, such as Egypt, only one type of medicine is used, which is Misoprostol (commercially known as Cytotec).

Abortion pills should be used when pregnancy is confirmed – the absence of a menstrual period is not a sign of pregnancy. Pregnancy must be confirmed with a home pregnancy test in addition to the common pregnancy symptoms.

Do not use the abortion pill if the gestational age is more than 10 weeks – the gestational age is calculated from the date of the first day of the last menstrual period (not the missed period).

Success rate: The use of misoprostol pills only to terminate early pregnancy has success rates of about 85%, while the use of two types of medication for medical abortion has success rates of up to 98%.

The cost of obtaining abortion pills (two types of medication) in Egypt is about 75 US dollars (or the equivalent in the local currency, about 2,000 Egyptian pounds).

Abortion pills is safe to use at home: If your gestational age is less than 10 weeks, you can use the abortion pill at home without the need to visit a clinic or doctor.

Buying abortion pills through social media pages is unreliable, not confidential and run by dealers (medically unqualified) and may sell counterfeit pills.

If you are an expatriate in Egypt – you can obtain abortion pills (two types of medicines) confidentially and safely via WhatsApp – just write the following message to the WhatsApp number found in the link.

Abortion Pills
Abortion Pills

Frequent questions and quick answers

Is it safe to use abortion pills without medical supervision?

In Egypt, if you want to have an abortion, most doctors will not agree to follow up on your case. You can safely use the pill if the gestational age is less than 10 weeks.

Will the bleeding be heavy, and will I need to go to the hospital after using the abortion pill?

If your gestational age is less than 10 weeks, the bleeding will not be heavy (it will be slightly heavier than normal menstrual bleeding), and you will not need to go to the hospital after a medical abortion.

Do abortion pills cause great pain?

Abortion pills are two types of medicines. When you use the first type, you will not feel any significant side effects, and when you start using the second type of medicine, you will begin to experience cramps in the lower abdomen, such cramps are mostly affordable. If you can not afford such cramps, you can use ibuprofen to control such cramps.

Does the use of painkillers with abortion pills reduce their effectiveness?

Using painkilling pills such as ibuprofen will not reduce the effect of abortion medicines, and you can use these painkilling pills when needed, if the pain is not affordable.

What information will I be asked to obtain the abortion pill?

Only the information required for shipping and delivery purposes (first name, address, and valid Egyptian phone number). If you do not want to receive the shipment at your address, you can receive directly from the pick-up locations available in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Sharm El-Sheikh or Hurghada.

Is the requested information confidential?

All requested information used only for shipping and delivery purposes. All information erased 24 hours after receiving the shipment.

How to use the pills?

How to use instructions will be available, as soon as the shipment is received, via a link sent to you on whatsapp or by phone call. You can also discuss any concerns either by phone or WhatsApp.

Disclaimer: Some women choose to terminate their pregnancies early for various reasons, we believe that all women anywhere, have the right to have safe abortion options, and we work to provide facts and information related to abortion drugs such as what should be taken into account in advance before using drugs How to get high-quality abortion pills, how to use them safely, what you can expect and when to seek medical help when needed. Our mission is to educate women about the information needed to pass the process of early termination of pregnancy safely and securely. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this page, but this content is subject to change from time to time, and the authors of the site will not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided at any time. Ref: G02AD06 .

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