Pharma Care Egypt Pharmaceuticals

Pharma Care Egypt Pharmaceuticals, or MultiCare Egypt Pharmaceuticals, has two names for the same was launched in Egypt in 2001. it is a rapidly growing company in the pharmaceutical industry.

فارما كير مصر
فارما كير مصر

Information about Pharma Care Egypt

  • Pharma Care (Multicare) started its business more than ten years ago, now it have more than 350 employees in Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia and the United States, Pharmacare works in the pharmaceutical field with more than 40 products in different treatment areas and more than 100 products in preparation .
  • Multicare Pharmaceutical Industries was launched in 2016.
  • Pharma Care has  experts in packaging pharmaceutical products.
  • Pharma Care operate in a very competitive and rapidly growing market. We have invested significant resources to ensure that we are in a better position to achieve current and future growth goals
  • this company use the latest pharmaceutical manufacturing technology to develop the best products in the major therapeutic areas.

How to communicate with Pharma Care Egypt

Head office address: Villa 8, 263 Street, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt – 245 Degla Street, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.

HR numbers for Pharma Care Egypt:

  • 0020227545045 
  • 0020225211026
  • 002022521028

fax: 0020225197407

The company’s website:


Pharma Care products

  1. Bional capsule
  2. Sharkilage capsule
  3. Cinacalcet Tablet
  4. Bone Care capsule
  5. Parazoxanide tablets
  6. Caredalud SR tablet
  7. Aripipracare tablet
  8. Dexketo Care tablet
  9. Peptecare capsule
  10. Procare capsule
  11. Cillosort capsule
  12. Carelyte granules
  13. Phyto K capsule
  14. Royal Care capsule
  15. Mementacare tablet
  16. Travodermal cream
  17. Irolamine capsule
  18. Minoxidil forte topical gel
  19. Formigliptin
  20. Cold stop capsule
  21. Denstin capsule
  22. Conju capsule
  23. CARE DIPINE tablet
  24. Master vit syrup
  25. Cardivo Care tablet
  26. Ursocholic capsule
  27. Ibandrocare tablet
  28. Virinrest tablet
  29. Haemostatin ointment
  30. Glimpacare tablet
  31. Cosantox capsule
  32. Irofol capsule
  33. Cal-preg capsule
  34. Psychopram tablet
  35. Cal-preg D capsule
  36. Javidacla tablet