Lornoxicam film – coated tablets

ZEFICAM : Composition

Tablets containing 4 mg or 8 mg Lornoxicam

ZEFICAM : Properties

ZEFICAM® is a potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug. It belongs to the class of Oxicams.

ZEFICAM :Indications

  • Symptomatic treatment of pain and inflammation in rheumatic arthritis and joint diseases.
  • Treatment of pain associated with lumbago and sciatica.
  • Treatment of post-operative and post-traumatic pains.

Dosage and mode of administration

  • Dosage for the treatment of rheumatic arthritis and joint diseases

The recommended initial dose is 12 mg daily and should be taken in 2 to 3 single doses. The maintenance dose should not exceed 16 mg / day.

  • Dosage for the treatment of pain

A dose of 8-16 mg / day is recommended and should be taken in 2 to 3 single doses. The maximum daily dose is 16 mg.

  • Dosage in case of impaired kidney or liver function

For patients with impaired kidney or liver function, a maximum daily dose of 12 mg is recommended, this is administered in 3 single doses of 4 mg per day.


– ZEFICAM should be taken before meals with adequate amount of water.

– If you forget to take a dose of your drug, do not take double the dose the next time. Simply continue the treatment normally.


  1. Known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the drug.
  2. Bleeding of the gastro-intestinal tract.
  3. Active or recurrent ulceration in the stomach or small intestine.
  4. Severe platelet deficiency.
  5. Conditions with increased tendency towards bleeding.
  6. Severe liver impairment, severe myocardial insufficiency.
  7. Severe renal impairment ( > 65 year ).
  8. During acute surgery for elderly patients and weighing less than 50 kg.
  9. Pregnancy and breast – feeding and patients under the age of 18.

Special precautions for use

During long treatment with ZEFICAM the blood count, liver and kidney functions should be monitored  regular’y.


Special care is necessary if you are receiving one of the following therapies at the same time:

Anticoagulants, other analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs, lithium therapy, ACE inhibitors, diuretic drugs, methotrexate, cimetidine and digoxin.

Side effects

Commen side effects

  1. Stomach pains.
  2. general indigestion.
  3. dizziness,.
  4. nausea and vomiting.

Rare side effects

  1. constipation,
  2. dryness of the mouth
  3. heartburn
  4. gastric ulcer with or without bleeding,
  5. inflammation of the oral mucosa,
  6. increased transaminases,
  7. trembling, visual disorders, ringing in the ears, impaired sense of taste,
  8. allergic reactions,
  9. reduced platelet count, longer bleeding time, .
  10. headache,
  11. palpitations,
  12. anxiety, sleepiness, insomnia
  13. , changes in appetite and increased sweating.


Strips of 10 tablets, each tablet contains 4 mg Lornoxicam. Strips of 10 tablets, each tablet contains 8 mg Lomoxicam.


Store below 30° C.


Produced by: EVA PHARMA- Egypt